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About Marie


Meet Marie-Josée Houle

She's always been passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle: from step aerobics to yoga, she's tried it all! She combines her extensive exercise experience with her warm, attentive personality to create a unique, tailored Pilates experience.  

Marie believes in the importance of a solid educational foundation. 

• She obtained her comprehensive instructor certification from Balanced Body through Boston Body in 2018. 

• More recently, she completed the Bridge Program offered by Shary Berkowitz & The Vertical Workshop in 2022.

This program infuses classical Pilates exercises with modern biomechanics, providing a more scientific understanding of how the body works.

To further develop her skills and better serve her clients, Marie continues to study under Shari Berkowitz & The Vertical Workshop. 
She hopes you find the time to pop in and try her intimate classes  - whether you're a beginner or a seasoned student, she'll ensure you reap all the benefits of Pilates.
"Educating your mind to understand your body."

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