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Our Teachers


Meet Marie-Josée Houle

She's always been passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle: from step aerobics to yoga, she's tried it all! She combines her extensive exercise experience with her warm, attentive personality to create a unique, tailored Pilates experience.  

Marie believes in the importance of a solid educational foundation. 

• She obtained her comprehensive instructor certification from Balanced Body through Boston Body in 2018. 

• More recently, she completed the Bridge Program offered by Shary Berkowitz & The Vertical Workshop in 2022.

This program infuses classical Pilates exercises with modern biomechanics, providing a more scientific understanding of how the body works.

To further develop her skills and better serve her clients, Marie continues to study under Shari Berkowitz & The Vertical Workshop. 
She hopes you find the time to pop in and try her intimate classes  - whether you're a beginner or a seasoned student, she'll ensure you reap all the benefits of Pilates.
"Educating your mind to understand your body."


Meet Lynn Belair

Physical fitness has always been a priority to her. She believes in not only maintaining a healthy body but also a healthy mind. She discovered pilates 6 years ago.  After her first class she was hooked.  After taking classes twice weekly for several months that she realized that her chronic lower back pain was going away.  That was when she decided to pursue teaching Pilates so that she could then help others gain strength and flexibility and more importantly improve their mobility in their bodies.  She trained under master instructor Zayna Gold at Boston Body Pilates and became comprehensively certified.  She has furthered her studies with additional certificates in Bodhi Suspension training and BOSU balance training.  She is a true believer that movement helps to heal our bodies.  

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