What We Offer

Find our complete list of offerings below.  Information about plans & pricing can be found here.


Getting Started Session

All new clients go through orientation with Marie. This is a 1:1 hour-long session where you’ll discuss your health and physical goals with Marie and familiarize yourself with the equipment used in class. Based on your conversation, Marie will recommend the best plan of action for you — whether that’s group classes, private (or semi-private) classes, or a mix of both.   $45

Private session

If you’re looking to achieve specific goals or seeking a highly personalized workout experience, private classes are a great option. You’ll get 55 minutes of 1:1 time with Marie where she‘ll walk you through a customized routine from start to finish. 

You can choose to practice exclusively in a 1:1 setting with Marie, or complement your group class experience with occasional private sessions.

Prenatal session

If you’re pregnant and looking for a safe way to stay active and healthy during your pregnancy, prenatal pilates is a great option. Marie is fully certified in prenatal pilates — she’ll work with you to build the strength you need for a smooth birth, and make sure you’re feeling comfortable in your body from the first to the final week of pregnancy. 

(These sessions can be conducted privately or semi-privately.)

Online Mat for everyone

Online Mat Classes are a great way to keep practicing Pilates from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you are in the world.  It is an extraordinary way to add one more session to your weekly practice.  Marie will guide you in a series of exercises with her warm and attentive personality.  Join her on the Mat for a fun and challenging session.

Group Classes

Our group classes are the most cost-effective way to practice Pilates at the studio. Get all of the benefits of a well-rounded work out in a 50-minute session. Offered every weekday morning and most evenings, our group class sizes are small (usually around 5 people), so you can still expect to get individualized attention from our instructors.

Semi-Private session

Looking for the benefits of individualized attention but at a discounted rate? Practice in a semi-private setting! Marie offers semi-private sessions to groups of two or three individuals. Grab a friend or contact Marie to get partnered up with someone.

Postnatal session

Getting back into exercise after giving birth can be daunting. Your body likely feels very different — you might even be recovering from a C-section,  diastasis recti, or any number of complications from birth. Marie will work with you to create a custom workout regimen to get your body feeling as best it can once more.


(These sessions can be conducted privately or semi-privately.)

I have 2 bad knees and 2 bad hips and Marie finds a way for me to get the most out of every Pilates class.  I have never consistently exercised and I have been going to Marie's classes for 2 years (and I see no end in site).  My joints and body have never felt better.  Marie makes everyone feel comfortable and supported in her classes.  She is an incredibly knowledgeable and talented instructor. 

Jenny Evans